Yamaha - Multi Effect processor SBX990

“SPX” have been synonymous with professional multi-effect processors, and over that time you would almost always find an SPX90, SPX90II, SPX900, SPX1000 or SPX990 in any well-equipped studio or live-sound rack. The SPX2000, while inheriting the standard interface and popular programs from its predecessors, brings a new dimension to the SPX sound with advanced REV-X reverb algorithms and 24-bit, 96k-Hz audio processing.

Alesis Microverb 4

The MicroVerb4™ is designed to provide a wide variety of great-sounding, easy-to-use effects for small studios, engineers and performing musicians. The key to MicroVerb 4’s power is in its simplicity. It offers 200 programs that include everything from high-quality reverb, delay, chorus and flange to exciting multieffects and more.

BOSS RE-1000 Echo

Boss RE-1000 Digital Multi Echo Owner’s Manual. BOSS RE-1000 Digital Multi Echo is a A 19″ rack unit with digital delay and reverb. The unit is one rack space (1U) in height. There are 2 inputs enabling stereo sound processing. Each input has separate gain controls and there’s a low and high tone control. The decay knob works a bit differently depending upon the setting of the 16-way switch.

Behringer virtualizers FX2000

71 breathtaking new algorithms—true RSM (Real Sound Modeling) stereo and 3D effects

Wave-adaptive virtual Room reverb algorithms for natural reverb and delay

Awesome modulation, dynamic, psychoacoustic and EQ algorithms

Authentic amp simulation, distortion and special effects

11 effect combinations with selectable serial / parallel configuration

Digitech DSP16 Effect processor

The DSP 16 can be used in a variety of applications, including home and professional studios, live sound for guitar, keyboard, vocals, and other instruments, and fixed systems such as churches, hall, and meeting rooms.

Roland RE3 Digital Space Echo

THE RE3 IS a wholly digital signal processor combining a range of echo effects with a simple reverb generator and a simple chorus effect. The A/D and D/A converters are 16-bit but the sampling frequency is only 32kHz giving a treated signal frequency response of 20Hz-12kHz. (The untreated part of the signal is quoted as 10Hz-30kHz and is, for all purposes, unaffected.) Delay time is severely limited by today’s standards at only 300ms, and the reverb has only one parameter, which Roland call Depth.

Roland RE3 Digital Space Echo

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