DBX DriveRack PA+

Although the DriveRack PA+ is loaded with functions and features, it is easy to set-up and use. The dbx exclusive Set Up Wizards walk you through system set up with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Just pick your speakers and amps from the built-in list on the PA+ and then let the Auto Level Wizard™ fine tune the level settings of each speaker. You can then let the Auto EQ® Wizard help you further optimize your sound.

Behringer CX3400

High-Precision Stereo 2-Way/3-Way/Mono 4-Way Crossover with Limiters, Adjustable Time Delays and CD Horn Correction

Individual Limiters on each output for optimal loudspeaker protection

Adjustable time delay for phase alignment between drivers

CD horn equalization for constant directivity horn compensation

Absolutely flat summed amplitude response, zero phase difference

“Low Sum” function provides mono output for subwoofer operation

Behringer CX 2310

High-Precision Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Crossover with Subwoofer Output
Professional stereo 2-way/mono 3-way crossover featuring state-of-the-art Linkwitz-Riley filters with 24 dB/octave
Additional subwoofer output with independent Frequency control
Absolutely flat summed amplitude response, zero phase difference
Individual output Gain controls for all bands


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